Martin Fleischmann on kuollut 85 vuoden ikäisenä..

  • Martin Fleischmann on kuollut 85 vuoden ikäisenä..

Martin Fleischmann, joka yhdessä B. Stanley Pons: in kanssa havaitsivat ilmiön, jolle antoivat nimityksen kylmäfuusio, on kuollut 85 vuoden iässä.

En lähde suomentamaan poismenostaan kertovaa sivustoa, tässä on linkki sinne:


Hän oli aiemmassa haastattelussa kertonut katuneensa sitä, että ryhtyivät nimittämään havaitojaan oudosta energiantuotosta kylmäfuusioksi. Osittain tuo nimitys on varmaankin ollut syynä nyttemmin jo sadoissa kokeissa todennetun ilmiön mitätöinnille.

Toivon, vaikka en pahansuopa ihminen olekaan, että korkeissa viroissa olevat henkilöt, jotka ovat halunneet estää oudolta kuulostavan ilmiön tutkimisen, saavat ansionsa mukaan. Siis potkut.

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Kukaan ei vielä ole suositellut tätä kirjoitusta.

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Käyttäjän Jouni kuva
Jouni Tuomela

Poismenostaan kertoo nyt jo valtalehdistökin:

artikkelissa kerrotaan mm. näin:
"In the years since, however, researchers dedicated to the science have continued the work of cold fusion experiments.

Ephraim resident Sterling Allan is the chief executive officer of Pure Energy News, which extensively tracks research and corporate advances in the field.

He said there has been an uptick in activity, and despite the naysayers who would still discredit Fleischmann today, cold fusion is continuing to capture attention in both the business and energy fields.

Several companies are pioneering technology in what is now called the low-energy nuclear reaction movement and a high school science class in Rome built, tested and patented a device similar to what Fleischmann and Pons used in 1989.

"People will say cold fusion has never been replicated, but there's been 17,000 replications worldwide since Pons and Fleischmann," he said.

The Rome high schoolers have called their device the Athanor LENR Reactor, which is reported to be an electrolytic cell that produces a coefficient power of 400 percent.

"You commit academic suicide if you use the words 'cold fusion,'" Allan said."

Käyttäjän Jouni kuva
Jouni Tuomela

Vielä lisään kuolonuutiseen linkin ja sieltä valikoidun tekstin, jossa tilannetta kummeksutaan; miksi merkittävän tiedemiehen poismeno on huono uutinen ja jätetään kertomatta.

"Koen Vandewalle
August 6th, 2012 at 6:37 PM
Dear Readers of JONP,
Dear Certificators,
Dearest Officers and directors of patent offices,
Dear Skeptics and other admirors and lackeys of controverse,
Dear Captains of businesses and politics,
Dear Children of our future,

In memory of Martin Fleischmann.

From 1989, 24 years have passed since the great announcement that a new, clean, abundant and safe source of energy was measured. Only three or four phrases in that announcement, especially about the mechanisms, were not complete at that time, but all the rest of the message still stands. Nowadays, the e-cat technology is available for the willing. Please review the announcement of 1989, you’ll find it on the internet.

Hereafter are listed the actual numbers of the “meltdown” of the largest STABILIZER of our climate: the sea ice on the north pole. Every year that we wasted and burned part of our fossile reserves, this stabilizer gave a part of herself. As if it were to give us, the children of the earth, a little more time to grow up. To give us the time we needed to find a solution. A lot of what we have, now depends on abundant energy. This abundance gave us the possibilities to develop our modern economy, based on technology, mass production, transportation and consumption of all kinds of goods and services (e.g. science and education as catalysers). Without this economy, most of the common people would still live in slavery and medieval circumstances, despite of the knowledge and culture inherited from ancient civilizations.

It is not because of one man inventing a certain technology, that this technology immediately improves the whole society. One of the most important technologies of our world, the heat-engine, is 300 years old (Newcomen 1712), and is still under developement. It is mostly the economy that enables the developement of the technology. They both need each other.

An important condition for the integration of a technology in the economy seems to be a patent. Without this certain privilege, it cannot be expected that major manufacturers make investments to develop or mass produce the invention in the industrialized world.
Certainly not if the invention competes economically not some orders of magnitude better than the already mass produced competitive products. I think that the experiments with subsidized renewable energy actually prove this: break even, or even small gains: nobody buys it.

Now we are trapped, since so many in our modern society depends on the economy. Therefore, the E-cat technology might integrate very slow. MW per MW. Hand made. Sold by the conventional business-to-business ways. Proposed and defended by ardent sales representatives who visit multiple times their prospects, hoping to convince the chief-buyers and their decision making economic managers, with numbers and arguments that must be explained again and again. With complex contracts with NDA’s. With customers that demand confidentiality and proof, over and over again. Competing with the heat-pumps, and waste recuperators. The latter having already developed their sales networks, but are now fighting with cuttings in their “subsidizing arguments”. Creating hungry competitors for the E-cat.
E-cat seems also to be competing for the attention with other promising or emerging technologies. This stimulates the idea of controverse.
This is not a “one click to install, with 30 days free trial” technology. And even that does not work perfect without good references from satisfied customers or enough attention in mass media.

Andrea Rossi believes in the market. I agree with him, but only when he has a patent, which enables him to develop the full economic potential of this invention on all the economic aspects. If no patents are granted, none of the emerging technologies for abundant energy will be developed on time.

In the 1989 announcement, the greenhouse effect was mentioned, so therefore:

The following data represent the remaining sea ice volumes on the north pole in cubic km for every year since 1998 on day 212. This year that was on july 31. The ice is still melting, but the data are not updated daily.

2012: 5777
2011: 6507
2010: 7026
2009: 9891
2008: 11255
2007: 9172
2006: 11939
2005: 12253
2004: 13498
2003: 13149
2002: 13984
2001: 15074
2000: 14121
1999: 15237
1998: 15223
1997: 16095
1996: 16380
1995: 14131
1994: 16819
1993: 15167
1992: 17639
1991: 16868
1990: 16491
1998: 18034


To the people who doubt about some safety tests, or those who need to do their work about some patent: please hurry !

The most strange for me is that, even after a couple of days, no mainstream meda have reported (On google I found none) about the death of Martin Fleischmann. I understand that this cannot be reported without referencing to his work, and eventually to the actual state of the technology.

What can I do ?

Your sincerely,

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